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Rushmoor has a legacy of aerodynamic innovation and aerospace technology which we believe places a duty upon Rushmoor residents and businesses and elected representatives to ensure we are using the airport and the businesses connected to it, in a moral, ethical and way. Rushmoor does not want to be complicit in profiting from violence.

Security is often discussed as though it is synonymous with military strength. It is not.

Many major threats such as climate change, energy security and economic marginalisation are non-military.

The money and skills being used on producing and selling arms would provide greater security and economic benefits if they were invested in addressing real security challenges such as climate change. To truly address insecurity, we need to understand what the roots of the real threats are, and what makes them worse.

A military mindset can decrease security by prioritising military solutions to problems, increasing the likelihood of armed conflict.

This approach is likely to endorse the promotion of arms exports. These worsen human rights abuse, tension and conflict. This has obvious impacts on international and UK security.

About the Arms Trade

The arms trade is a deadly, corrupt business. It supports conflict and human rights-abusing regimes while wasting valuable resources. It does this with the full support of governments around the world.

The arms trade is dominated by the five permanent members of the UN Security Council: China, France, Russia, UK and the US, along with Germany and, increasingly, Israel. The permanent members alone account for around three quarters of exported arms. This introduction will focus on the UK, which is one of the world’s largest arms exporters.

Around $100 billion worth of arms are sold every year, with buyers spread across the world. Some of the largest purchasers are in the Middle East and South and East Asia. The arms themselves range from fighter aircraft, helicopters and warships with guided missiles, radar and electronic warfare systems, to tanks, armoured vehicles, machine guns and rifles.

There is often confusion about the legality of the arms trade, with the impression given that it is the illegal trade that is damaging while the legal trade is tightly controlled and acceptable. However, the vast majority of arms sold around the world, including those to human rights-abusing governments or into conflict areas, are not only legal, but also actively supported by complicit governments.

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